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Hi, I’m Coreen Gayle and I am excited to offer you the refreshing flavors of Jamaica. This business was born out of need that needed to be filled. My sisters are the proud owners of the successful Jamaican Restaurant chain, The Dutch Pot Jamaican Restaurant based in South Florida, and this is  where C&K Homemade Juices had its genesis. I worked as a supervisor in one of the restaurants, and one day a customer said to me, “why don’t you guys sell carrot juice or soursop juice? I buy food from you and then I have to go next door to buy my juice.” You see carrot Juice and soursop Juices are staple at Sunday dinner in Jamaica. 

Healthy, fresh, organic Juices is a traditional part of a Sunday dinner. That triggered a light bulb because I was always listening to what the customers feedback were. Soon, The Dutch Pot Jamaican Restaurant started to carry juices. It became a strain for the restaurant to make it, and it was offered to me to continue and develop these offerings further. It took off like a rocket. Not only did I start making carrot juice and soursop juice, my juice line extended to Stamina, and Irish Moss; Juices made popular in Jamaica for strength and vigor, and customer favorites such as pineapple ginger and fruit punch. Currently, I have over 13 variety of juices, and so many more recipes that have not been unveiled as yet. I am now the exclusive supplier of the entire line of juices available in all nine of The Dutch Pot Jamaican Restaurant location

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Healthy, Fresh, Organic Juices is a Traditional part of a Jamaican Sunday Dinner.

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